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28 September 2017

The New Room Edit

The last time my bedroom in my family home was redecorated was twelve years ago. I was eight years old and obsessed with the colour purple and giraffes. The wallpaper I chose at that age was hideously thick and covered in tiny leaves, which transferred through to any poster I had up, and my furniture was bulky and old fashioned. I had absolutely no taste as a youngster.

The posters changed drastically over the years (to cover up the god awful wallpaper). From Twilight, Paramore and Muse (my twelve-year-old emo phase was in full swing) to every single poster of One Direction available in 2011. But nothing else changed; all the choices I made as an eight year old remained with me through my teenage years and my childhood dream bedroom started to become a place that my older self did not want to spend time in.

I studied in the dining room or at school or college so, other than sleeping, I had no reason to be in my room at all. To be honest, I saw the room as purely functional and wasn't too fussed about having my 'own space'. It was only after I began to think about my life after university and decided I was going to have to move back home that I realised my bedroom certainly wasn't going to be fit for a freshly graduated twenty one year old. 

My parents had been talking about redoing my room for a while but we never set anything in stone. There was certainly no hurry, especially as I was at my university accommodation most of the time. But this summer my mum was determined to get the decorating done so we got started. 

I'm pretty sure on my current tastes and don't think they're likely to change much as I grow older now. I've refined my interior fancies (thanks Pinterest) over a long time and felt like I could really design a room with longevity. That way, if things don't go to plan and I end up living with my parents well into my twenties, then at least I'll have a small fraction of what I hope to have in my future home.

My main vision was a clean, modern bedroom with accents of my favourite colours thrown in against the monochrome walls and furniture. I love yellows and pinks and wanted to inject these colours through soft furnishings and decor. I also added touches of texture through wood and a few bits of greenery (fake obviously as I can barely look after myself).

Almost all my furniture came from Ikea, meaning I could redecorate for a moderately cheap price whilst still getting some beautiful pieces. My desk chair was an eBay find and couldn't be more perfect for the vision I was going for.

In terms of accoutrements, I had been collecting things for a while, mostly for my uni rooms. I did make one main decor purchase and that was my lamp from Oliver Bonas, but most of the other bits and bobs were picked up from places like Tiger, Sainsbury's (seriously, they have some amazing things) and trusty Ikea.

In terms of artwork, gone are the days of wall to wall 1D posters. I wanted to keep things fairly minimal so I have a few prints up and pieces I've collected from various galleries. 

I'm so happy with how everything turned out and it couldn't be a nicer room to chill or do work in...I certainly didn't like having to bid it goodbye for a while to move in to my tatty student house.

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