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17 September 2017

Red and White

I shot this outfit a few weeks back when it was still somewhat summery. I loved the asymmetric neckline and collar on this shirt and the colours made me feel like I should be working in an ice cream van or something. However, as Autumn draws ever closer, I quickly find myself replacing light-weight shirts for jumpers and blankets. I've fully succumb to the colder weather now and I'm so ready for the oncoming chill and, whilst I have enjoyed dressing for summer these last few months, nothing can beat a good winter coat and a scarf. 

As I'm in the midst of packing to return to uni for my third and final year,  I had to decide which of my children (clothes) got to come with me and which get left behind. It was a bit sad stashing away my summer clothes and getting the knitwear out again; summer dressing isn't really my thing but I've enjoyed getting to grips with it this year.

 Also I've obviously decided that it's going to be freezing this winter up in the midlands as 75% of my suitcase is filled with jumpers. 

Shirt: Topshop
Jeans: Vintage
Sunglasses: Primark

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