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1 September 2017

80's Inspo

I've been heavily inspired by 80s/early 90s fashion at the moment. I bought this beret as part of a costume for a themed party but it's been creeping into my recent looks, especially after seeing THIS editorial pic and desperately wanting to recreate it. There's just something so chic about the beret and I just had to incorporate it into my latest endeavor to become uber stylish and obtain a cool gal status.

Perhaps styling it with a striped shirt and some sultry shades is bordering on too extra and wannabe French, but I don't even care because I love this look so much. For something so comfortable and everyday (I mean, the outfit is primarily a t-shirt and a pair of jeans- pretty basic), the outfit also manages to look so put together thanks to the accessories.

Statement earrings have been my go-to recently for jazzing up a look, especially ones that are a bit quirky. I'm building up quite a collection of these minimalist face-shaped earrings as I just think they're SO cool. V artsy and contemporary.

I'm also trying to get some wear out of these sunglasses; it's taken some courage to be able to wear them as they're probably a bit too cool for someone like me to be wearing, but I love them (and spent too much money on them) to not.

The white jeans I'm wearing are SO high waisted and I'm obsessed. They're a vintage pair from my mum and fit so perfectly. They're that sort of straight leg/skinny mum-jean style that's just unbelievably flattering, especially if you have a smaller waist and bigger hips like myself. I've been wearing them with everything recently, whilst also getting over my fear of wearing white jeans (I swear it takes me 1 minute to get a mark on them).

Beret: Amazon
Top: Topshop
Jeans: Vintage
Shoes: Topshop
Earrings: Mango
Sunglasses: Topshop


  1. I love this look, I need that striped shirt in my life!

    The Beauty Load

    1. thanks so much!! it's such a staple in my wardrobe!