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18 August 2017

Returning to an Old Favourite: MAC Face and Body

After struggling for months to try and find a new foundation to fit my pale complexion and dry skin and having no luck, I decided to return to an old favourite. It's been a few years since I last purchased a bottle of MAC's Face and Body foundation; back in the day, this was my go to. I loved the uber light but buildable coverage (as I'm not one to opt for a full on look) and, as I suffer with dry skin, I tend to go for a foundation that's dewy and moisturising. Saying that, I do like to go for a fuller coverage on my cheeks as they're constantly a lovely tomatoish shade of red, and because Face and Body layers well, I can do this easily without it looking cakey. 

I hadn't bought this in a while as the price tag puts me off massively; paying £21 for a tiny bottle does bring a tear to my eye, but I was feeling a bit hopeless after failing to find a foundation that I liked and decided to splash out for it again.

Despite the fact that I get the palest shade available, I still find that it can look a little orange if I'm slap handed with the blending. However with a bit of a tan, the shade matches my skin tone exactly. I don't particularly like leaving the house with a naked face, so this is the perfect foundation to dab on to even out my skin tone and make me feel a little more confident, especially as it has a 'skin-like' look to it and you could easily pass as wearing no make up at all. 

It's a great foundation for the summer as it's not heavy, however due to its dewy finish, you might require a little more powder than usual so that you don't end up shiny. 

Coincidentally, just as I was getting back into this old favourite, I was contacted by the lovely people at Reviews.com, who had tested out a bunch of foundations and Face and Body came out on top, especially for Sheer to Medium coverage! They kindly sent over some research for me to share on my blog so that my readers can decide if this is the perfect foundation for themselves! Have a read below:

Best Sheer to Medium Coverage

The most noticeable thing about MAC’s Face and Body Foundation is its consistency. At first touch, it feels like wiping colored water on your face, which is strange if you’re used to a creamier formula — but it’s also quite refreshing.
It’s water- and silicone-based — and therefore smooth and slippery to apply — and it’s best known for its film formers, the ingredients that help create that “second skin” effect. You can start to feel the film formers set as you work the foundation onto your face, which is why using your fingers to apply (as opposed to a brush or sponge) works best.
Once Face and Body is on, it’s there to stay, through rain, sweat, tears, and turtlenecks. It dries to a satin finish, which in makeup is the closest you’ll get to “natural” — a light sheen, but not full-on dewy. As makeup artist Chelsey Matley put it, “It feels like nothing, but is incredibly long-wearing and photographs so well.”

Who is it best for?

Like with tinted moisturizer, sheer coverage is great for anyone with naturally good skin, or who is prepared to do some extra concealing once it’s applied.

Who should skip it?

There are no ingredients that will exacerbate acne or clog pores, but the level of coverage and satin finish won’t do much for anyone trying to mask skin problems. While you can layer Face and Body to a more medium coverage, it is never going to disguise major blemishes, hide large pores, or block oil. Face and Body also includes parabens, preservative ingredients we feel comfortable recommending, but we’re aware they aren’t for everyone.

To learn more about tips on flawless application and the difference between primers, concealers and foundations check out the research from Reviews.com, here

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