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19 August 2017

Flares Wearing Female of the Future

This outfit took a lot of confidence to post. From the figure hugging flares to the uber cool cat eye shades, every ounce of this outfit screamed 'out of my comfort zone'. I'll admit I do love to play with silhouettes and shapes when styling looks, but I tend to stick to boxy side of things. 

I bought these trousers for a themed club night, but had been wanting a pair like them for a while. I'm fully in love with the frilled trouser trend but didn't know if it was for me as I'm not exactly confident with my legs. These are fairly tight fitting, so there was no hiding any lumps and curves, which made me anxious to no end. I'm always aware of my wide hips and I was worried that, despite being tall and actually having quite long legs, these trousers would make me look stubby and just... round, to put it simply. 

In an attempt to make myself feel more confident in these amazing trousers, I decided to go all out with them as that's what those amazing flared frills deserve. I went low key on top with a simple graphic tee but amped the look up with the accessories. Red is probably my fave colour at the moment, especially when it comes to accessorising. I went for some red block heels to compliment the legs of the trousers and make my own look a little longer and more flattering. These tassel earrings are incredible and I've been trying to wear them with everything as they're just so cool. I also chucked on this red bag, which is an oldie but a goodie.

Finally, I thought if I was going to be extra about this look, I may as well wear the most extra shades I own. These extreme cat eye sunglasses have been on my wishlist for months, but I couldn't find a pair anywhere at first. I did worry that they wouldn't suit my round, moon face but if I position them on the end of my nose in an attempt to look all sultry and cool,  I think I can just about pull them off. 

Trousers: Missguided
T-Shirt: Topshop
Shoes: Asos
Bag: Accessorize (old)
Sunglasses: Topshop
Earrings: Forever 21

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