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13 December 2016

Jouer Best of Nudes Collection

Jouer has been a brand that's been floating around the beauty community for what seems like forever. I've watched countless make up tutorials and hauls that sing their praises for this chic little brand, in particular their lip cremes.

But with such an incredible array of nude tones on offer and an incredibly indecisive personality, I could never sit down and pick a shade to start my foray into the brand. Luckily for me, Jouer recently released this brilliant mini set of lip cremes featuring their most coveted shades, so now I could try a bit of everything. 

Included in this beautiful little set are the shades Skinny Dip and Papaye, two glitzy colours that I feel like I haven't stopped hearing about ever since the metallic lip trend came into fashion. With Skinny Dip being the more intense in terms of glitter and functioning as a lip topper, you can use it to add a bit of glamour to any of the other neutral shades in the collection.

The range offers lip cremes from dainty peach tones to beautifully rich terracotta shades- perfect to help transition from an understated daytime look to an edgier look for night.

L-R Skinny Dip, Terra, Buff, Dulce de Leche, Papaye, Noisette, Melon, Creme Brule

After hearing such rave reviews about these beauties, I must say I was nervous to try them out myself. Despite loving them to death, liquid lipsticks and I aren't the best of friends and I often find them extremely drying, no matter what the brand. But with these being cremes, I had high hopes and they didn't disappoint. Jouer's lip cremes are extremely light weight and, not to point out the obvious, ridiculously creamy. They're so comfortable to wear and after they've dried down, it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything. That doesn't mean that the colour payoff suffers at the hands of comfort; these shades are amazingly opaque and not at all streaky, not even the lighter shades. Plus, they fade beautifully throughout the day, so you're not left with that awkward lipliner look. Due to the fact that they are creme lipsticks, there is a bit of transfer, but not enough to deter you from that coffee in fear that you'll lose all your lipstick with one sip.

I purchased my set from Cult Beauty a few weeks ago, after waiting with baited breath for it to come back in stock. I had to get my hands on it considering it was such good value; the whole set was £34 which makes each lipstick a mere £4.25 each! Granted, they are mini versions of the usual £15 lip cremes, but even so, the set still works out to be a great bargain!

If by magic you're able to get your hands on this set, then I definitely recommend that you do. Or alternatively, pick up some of the full size lip cremes as they're such amazing products- I know I'll be doing so when I run out of these.

Have you tried any other Jouer products? Let me know in the comments and I'll check them out! 


  1. I really like your review of them! I've had so much problem with liquid lipsticks feeling odd on the lips once it has dried, but those lip cremes sounds amazing! It's definetily something I should try and get my hands on xx


    1. thank you so much! certainly recommend these then- great texture and a wonderful selection of shades! xo

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