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2 December 2015

Clinique Pop Lip Colour and Primer // 5 Minute Faves


Here's a quick review of a product I got recently and have been loving!

I recently bought the December issue of Glamour magazine as I was drawn to the the Clinique freebies this issue. I've been wanting to try out their Pop Lip colours for ages as they seem like the perfect grab and go make up item due to their duel function as a primer too. I suffer from dry lips so with it's supposed 8 hour moisturising effects, it seemed like the perfect lip product for me.

With the magazine there was a choice between a red and a nude colour and I went for nude as I wanted something to put on every day that will go with whatever eye look I decide to do. The colour is 'Nude Pop' and it's a lovely rosey pink colour. 

The finish is supposedly a demi-matte, but I would say it's more glossy and sheer. The colour pay off is still good and there is a hint of sparkle running through the colour. It's lightweight and does keep my lips hydrated. 

Despite being a sample, the lipstick is a good size and great for carrying around everywhere. The full size retails at £16 and there's a really great range of shades that I'll definitely be trying out now that I've fallen in love with this one.

Let me know what you think of these quick little reviews!

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