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20 September 2015

Ohh Deer Stationery Haul

I'm not afraid to admit that I am stationery obsessed. I just can't help myself around a prettily patterned notebook or a pastel planner, so when I found myself on Ohh Deer's website a few weeks ago in search of Uni supplies, I had to stop myself from buying almost everything they had to offer.

I had seen Ohh Deer products around in shops before but had never had a look on their website. It was only after picking up some of their notebooks in Urban Outfitters that I decided to check them out and I've been obsessed ever since. They have an incredible range of their own quirky bits of stationery as well as bits from artist such as Gemma Correl. 

I always find that I'm way more productive if I've got a good set of stationery and productivity is an essential for University! In my little shopping spree I decided to get 7 notebooks of 3 different sizes (yes 7 may be a little excessive but how nice are those designs?!), 2 pencil cases, a ruler and a 2016 diary.

When I was ordering, Ohh Deer were offering a few deals, so you could get a few items together for a discounted price which I thought was great for a student like me. I also recently saw that they were doing Uni packs which had some stationery bits, mugs and a cushion!

I definitely feel slightly more ready for Uni now that I have my fab stationery bits and I shall definitely be getting some more in the future- like I said, I can't resist some good stationery.


  1. I love Ohh Deer!! Forever crushing on their instagram! Love everything you picked up, good luck in uni :) xx