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29 September 2015

5 Essential Non-Essentials for University

Moving away from the comfort and familiarity of your home to go to University is a daunting thing and student halls aren't always the most homely of places. I decided to put together a little list of things to take to University that you may not necessarily need but may make your dorm room a little more bearable.

1. A Plant: This may seem like an obvious one. It's a well known thing that adding some greenery to a room livens it up greatly. If like me, the fear of looking after a living thing that isn't yourself is too much to think about, getting a fake plant can be just as effective. IKEA do a great range of fake and real plants in all sizes as well as a wide selection of colourful pots, so whether you want a large plant that will really make a change to the room or just a trio of small cacti to place on your desk, it's got you covered.

2. Decorations: There's a high chance that your student dorm isn't going to be the most stylish of places. Sadly we can't all have a room like the ones you see in the movies- student accommodation is more hostel than homely and it can be hard to fit into a place that doesn't fit you. Taking a few decorative pieces can add your own personal touch to make your year in dorms a little more bearable. Simple things like fairy lights or decorative accessories to put on your shelves can really make a difference. I bought this copper '&' from Primark to put in my room and spruce it up a little.

3. Pictures of family/friends/favourite bands & art: I think that what you put on your walls says a great deal about who you are. Putting up pictures or posters of your favourite bands or places will let not only let your flatmates know what you're into (and give you something to talk about) but will also make your room feel more comfortable and more you. There's no denying that you'll probably feel a little homesick at Uni so putting up pictures of your family or your friends back home will hopefully be a little comforting and keep you going until you can visit them again. I take a lot of pictures on my phone with my friends and family so I used the app 'LALALAB' to print out some of those photos. It's super simple and there are so many options of sizes and shapes- I went for the polaroid style to match the pictures I take with my instant camera. If you want £5 credit to print out your own memories, you can use my code PGHP4QF9.

4. A camera: So many memories are going to be made at University and capturing them is so important. Taking photos means that you can look back on them in years to come and I am definitely one of those people that love looking at old photos. I've decided to take my Instant Fuji Camera as well as my main camera because it's portable and I love the instant pictures that you can add to your wall straight away. If you don't have a camera to take, don't worry! Phones are just as great, in fact they're probably even better because you can literally take them anywhere and it's so easy to take a photo in the moment with it and share it on social media. Whatever sort of camera you decide to take, just remember to take pictures. Take them whenever and wherever because your future self will thank you for it.

5. Nice Stationery: This one may seem a little unnecessary, but I for one am so much more productive when I'm working on pretty stationery. At Uni, it's up to you to be organised and proactive and it's just way more motivating when you get to write your to-do list in a prettily patterned notebook with some brightly coloured pens. I'm a visual learner so I hate boring stationery and dull black pens to write with- my notes are always super colourful and in eye catching notebooks or folders because I'm just way more likely to actually look at it and revise something! If you only buy one bit of cool stationery then I recommend a planner- a bright and interesting planner will keep you focussed on it and thus focussed on your no doubt hectic schedule also.

So there are 5 things to help make University a little more bearable if you're having a hard time or if your struggling on what to take if you're yet to move like me. I'm moving on Saturday so wish me luck!

24 September 2015

Carnaby Street Crushing // OOTD


My mum, sister and I took a trip up to London this week to see the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait gallery as well as to do some shopping. I'd only ever been to Carnaby Street to go to Liberty's, never to actually have a look at what it has to offer, so shopping there was a new experience for me. 

Originally I wanted to go because of the Brandy Melville that's near there, but after having a look round, I saw that they had so many other amazing shops that you don't necessarily get on the typical high street. As well as having a MAC (which I resisted going in to, much to my bank account's relief), there was a Monki, a Cheap Monday, The Kooples and tons of other cool places.

For my outfit I wanted comfort and style (I mean, I was going to be in London during LFW, so I kind of had to make the effort!). I went with this tan leather-like skirt from Forever 21, a cream and black stripped shirt from Boohoo, my trusty jacket from Primark and a pair of Chelsea boots, also from Boohoo.

Taking pictures in public was mega scary but I thought, hey, if you can't take OOTD pictures during LFW, then when can you?!

20 September 2015

Ohh Deer Stationery Haul

I'm not afraid to admit that I am stationery obsessed. I just can't help myself around a prettily patterned notebook or a pastel planner, so when I found myself on Ohh Deer's website a few weeks ago in search of Uni supplies, I had to stop myself from buying almost everything they had to offer.

I had seen Ohh Deer products around in shops before but had never had a look on their website. It was only after picking up some of their notebooks in Urban Outfitters that I decided to check them out and I've been obsessed ever since. They have an incredible range of their own quirky bits of stationery as well as bits from artist such as Gemma Correl. 

I always find that I'm way more productive if I've got a good set of stationery and productivity is an essential for University! In my little shopping spree I decided to get 7 notebooks of 3 different sizes (yes 7 may be a little excessive but how nice are those designs?!), 2 pencil cases, a ruler and a 2016 diary.

When I was ordering, Ohh Deer were offering a few deals, so you could get a few items together for a discounted price which I thought was great for a student like me. I also recently saw that they were doing Uni packs which had some stationery bits, mugs and a cushion!

I definitely feel slightly more ready for Uni now that I have my fab stationery bits and I shall definitely be getting some more in the future- like I said, I can't resist some good stationery.

13 September 2015

Everything Is OK // OOTD


'Everything is OK' is something I've been trying to remember these past few weeks as I frantically get ready to pack up my things and move three and a half hours away to University. What with trips to IKEA, getting on top of my required reading and watching every 'Top 10 tips for surviving Uni as a Fresher' video on Youtube, blogging has seriously been neglected on my 'To Do' lists. 

It's now just under 3 weeks until I move and the panic is starting to kick in. Despite being a very independent person, the thought of living alone (and by alone, I mean without having my over protective mother there for me at every beck and call) terrifies me. My parents have always worked from home and my mum is Croatian, meaning that constant feeding and coddling is in her blood, so I'm not used to the freedom that I will get at University.

As it's Sunday, I had a very chilled day of sleeping until 1pm and visiting my grandparents, so the day required a minimal effort outfit. I opted for some Topshop Mom jeans and a slouchy black tee from Pull & Bear. I picked the t shirt up the other day in Brighton. I fell in love with the subtle stitching of the hand and text- it just added a quirky edge to an otherwise basic v neck tee.

Minimal effort outfits have been my go to recently as I'm always running out to grab some kitchen utensil that I forgot on my last visit to Wilko or IKEA and need something comfy and easy to wear
Seriously, you never realise how many things you need to live until you move out! 

I have been loving these Chelsea boots that I recently bought from Boohoo- they are the perfect Autumn shoe and so incredibly comfy for only £20. I can throw them on with almost anything and they add a really great edgy vibe to the outfit. Finally I threw on this coat that I got from Primark a few months ago. I love the shape of it as it gives the illusion of a much more put together and chic outift. It's also great for this sort of 'in-between' Autumn weather.

I have some post ideas in the works but they may still be a bit here and there as I'm still preparing for my move!