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14 August 2015

MixMatchMe: The Ultimate Online Closet

How many times have you watched Clueless and wished that you had Cher Horowitz's mega cool outfit finder to make life so much easier? Well now your wish has been granted; MixMatchMe, the fashion world's trendiest new website, allows you to find, create and buy your perfect look without all the hassle!

MixMatchMe.com is a highstreet lovers' dream; with hundreds of items from the most popular highstreet shops all in one place, you can find your perfect item and even style it in an outfit to see what it will look like.

Discover your perfect items from shops like Urban Outfitters and Topshop- you can find exactly what you need with the handy filters allowing you to sort by colour, price and style. MixMatchMe will also keep you up to date with the hottest trends, always keeping you on top of the fashion world!

In Mix & Match, you can style and create your perfect outfit. With hundreds of items to choose from, you can create just about anything. When you're done creating your stylish masterpiece, you can save your outfit and all the items you've chosen to your wardrobe. From there, you can shop them and search for similar items if the ones you've chosen are out of stock. 

My favourite thing about this feature is that once you save them to your account, other people can see your creations and like them and follow you! By following other people, you can see all their outifts and get inspiration for future looks! 

You can create outfits inspired by any trend or for any occasion- there's no limit to what you can create. Once you've started styling, you can't stop, (trust me, I'm addicted!) and before you know it you've got all the outfit inspo you'll ever need, all in one place!

It's easy to set up an account at MixMatchMe and get styling, so what are you waiting for?! Don't forget to follow my profile so I can follow you back and see what you create!

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