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28 December 2014

Top 5 Lipsticks of the moment


Recently I've been wearing lipstick more often with my everyday look. I prefer to wear lipstick in the winter time as winter shades suit my skin tone much better than the usual summer shades.

I prefer to go with matte or satin lipsticks and I'm not a huge fan of very glossy ones although I will occasionally wear sheer lipsticks, but only in nude colours. I love love love berry tones as they really suit my pale complexion, and I've included my fave berry tone in my top five, with out further ado, here they are!

L-R; 1. Sleek- Liqeur 775, 2. Rimmel Kate Moss- 08, 3. Revlon- Rich Raisin Frost 383, 4. L'Oreal- Blake Lively Red, 5. MAC- Captive

Lilia xoxo

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