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7 November 2014

New York I Love You XOXO

Hello lovlies and long time no see!

College has been mega busy and stressful at the moment, what with starting my second year at college and applying for University (eek!) but I thought I'd quickly make a blogpost about something mega exciting that happened recently. Last month, I had the chance to go to America on an exchange trip! In June, the Americans came over for 2 weeks to spend some time in sunny Worthing, and in October, it was our turn to stay with them!

I went with a group from college, as it was a college run trip, and before the exchange part in Ohio, we got to spend 3 days in New York! I have always wanted to go to New York and hope to live there one day, so I was MEGA excited to finally go- I was one step closer to living out my Gossip Girl themed dreams! After a wonderful time in NY, we hopped on a plane and flew to Cleveland, Ohio, to stay with our hosts. This part of the trip was as great as the NY part- we had the chance to attend an American high school, eat copious amounts of Chipotle and spend some time with some great people, who are definitely going to be friends for life.

I took loads of photos on my trip, so I thought I'd share some with you guys!

The last three were taken in Cleveland and the rest is obviously NY! I can honestly say that I had two of the best weeks ever on this trip and I will never forget it. Now it's back to boring college and the never ending coursework- hooray!

Lilia xox