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1 June 2014

A Short Trip to London

Hello all!

The past week has been half term, which meant that I got 7 college-free days- a wonderful thing after having 5 exams! My family and I had planned to do a few things in London and so we decided to make a mini-holiday out of it and stay for 2 nights.

We left Wednesday morning by train and got to London at midday, which gave us a couple of hours to explore and eat before going to see the matinee performance of Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre. Before going to explore, we went to check into our hotel and drop our luggage off. We stayed at the Thistle hotel at Marble Arch, which was possibly the nicest hotel I've ever stayed in! It was super fancy and the staff were all so lovely.
The theatre was right near China Town, which is where we decided to have some lunch. China Town was so beautiful and interesting, and I wish we had got to spend longer there, but soon enough, it was time for the performance. My family and I are all big fans of Les Mis, so we were all super excited to see it on stage- plus Carrie Fletcher was playing Eponine, and I am a massive fan of hers, so I was even more excited! The show was amazing and it took all my efforts to not start singing along with the cast! If anyone is debating whether to go or not, definitely go- you won't regret it!
After the show, we all got Bubble Tea (which is my new fave thing-I'm obsessed!) and did a bit of shopping in Oxford Street.

1. Mine and my sister's hotel room. 2. Outside of the Queen's Theatre. 3. China Town.

On Thursday, I had a very exciting day; I got the chance to intern at Heat magazine for the day. It was such a great experience, especially considering that I want to go into journalism! I was able to write 2 articles, one of which was posted on the website (!!). I had the best day and it was amazing to see how everything worked in the magazine world.
For the day, I wore an outfit which was almost entirely from Primark, all apart from the shoes. I wasn't sure what sort of thing I needed to wear for an internship, so I went for smart-casual with a floral blazer, cream cami and black jeans.

4. The Queen's Theatre's amazing ceiling. 5&6. My outfit for my internship.

Friday consisted mainly of shopping. Staying right near Oxford Street meant that we didn't have to stray too far and that we had most of the shops right on our doorstep. I probably spent more money than I should have but who doesn't when visiting London?! I mainly went to Topshop, Pull & Bear and Forever 21, and I managed about 20 minutes in Primark before I couldn't handle it any more- it was horrendously crowded! 

7. Selfridges window. 8. Fancy Figi water. 9. Chanel window display

I just had to go to Selfridge's, even if it wasn't to buy anything, just to drool over the Chanel or all the expensive make up- although I did end up buying two things; a bottle of water and a MAC lipstick! It was amazing in there and I spent ages just looking at everything because it was all so beautiful, especially their window displays which they are known for. 

We had lunch at John Lewis and discovered that they had opened a rooftop garden. We decided to have a look and were able to see an amazing view of London. The garden was beautiful, adorned with flowers, deck chairs and even a juice bar! 

10. Little shed on the rooftop garden. 11. One of the many bumblebees in the garden. 12. Outside of Selfridges.

Sadly, by the afternoon, it was time to go home. I had such a wonderful few days and I've definitely decided that I want to live in London one day! 

13, 14 &15. Some of the beautiful architecture in London.

See you all soon!
Lilia xox