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23 March 2014

Bold Brows and Vivid Lips


I've been trying to experiment with my make up looks at the moment. My usual go-to look is natural lips and cat flick eye liner- It's quick and easy and suits me. But I'm getting a bit bored of it; I wear it literally every day, so I feel like I should try something different for spring.
I love lipsticks but I never really wear them. I find it quite hard to find a shade that compliments my skin tone, plus I think they can sometimes look a bit much when I'm just going to college. However, I am trying to be a bit braver and try out looks that I like but would not normally have the confidence to do and lipstick is one of them.

When I was younger, I always hated my naturally dark and thick eyebrows (my sister's constant remarks of 'caterpillar brows' probably didn't help!). It's only until recently that I have learnt to embrace them. Bold brows became a trend and seeing celebrities sport them gave me the confidence to show off my own. A major fashion icon for me is Lily Collins, who incidentally shares the strong brow gene. One of her signature looks is bold eyebrows and dark lips.

She opts for minimal eye make up, drawing more attention to the brows and lips. I love the effortless look it creates and decided to try it out for myself.

For my look, I went with a little bit of subtle gold eyeshadow and a minimal amount of liquid eyeliner. I left my eyebrows, only filling in a few gaps with a dark brown eyebrow pencil. And finally, for my lipstick I went for Seventeen's Stay Pout in the shade 'Rule Breaker', which is a dark pinky-purple. The colour is super pigmented and stays on for a good few hours before it needs reapplying.

Hope you like the look, and please feel free to recommend more for me to try out!
Have a good week,

Lilia xox


  1. Gorgeous make up! You look great!

  2. Love this look! Just wondering what brow pencil you use? Also just thought I'd let you know that I've nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Look forward to reading your upcoming posts xx


    1. thank you, I used a lancome one! wow, thank you so much! that really means a lot, I'll get to work on writing a post about it! xo