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19 February 2014

"On Wednesdays we wear pink"


Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been super ill and not really had the energy to do anything! Plus this awful weather hasn't helped!

It finally stopped raining for five minutes today, which gave me a chance to take some OOTD photos. I got this amazing pink coat a couple of weeks ago, but am only just getting round to including it on my blog. I'm normally not one to go for such a bright coloured coat, but I was browsing Boohoo one evening and spotted this beauty and just HAD to have it! I love boyfriend style coats and I wear my grey Topshop one religiously, so I thought I'd have a change and step out of my comfort zone a bit and buy this one. It was originally around £40, but I used the student discount so it was a little cheaper. I was a little apprehensive of spending that as it's almost my week's wages! But it was definitely worth it; it's such good quality and is perfect for winter and spring, especially when spring is as cold as it is in England!

I styled this jacket with a black, textured (not clear in the photo haha!) jumper from Pull and Bear and this black and white checked skirt from Select. Now Select isn't usually a shop I'd go to, but I have one in my town centre, and while I was walking past one day, I saw a couple of things I liked in the window and decided to have a look. Turns out, there are some really nice things in there! I ended up buying this skirt for £12 and a kimono jacket for £18. I got my jumper in the sale and it was reduced to £10.

My shoes are my favourite Chelsea boots from H&M. I am in serious need of a new pair as I have worn these to death! And my bag is from Primark. 

See you again soon!

Lilia xox


  1. I adore the title of this post! And you look lovely!
    Also, if it's not too much to ask, would you mind checking out my blog? I just started it :)


    1. aha, thank you! :)
      of course! I love it so far!
      lilia xo

  2. That coat!!! I'm in love!xx

    1. it's so lovely isn't it! perfect for spring! xo