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9 August 2013

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish


I've seen everyone raving about the Barry M High Shine Gel Effect Nail Polishes and i've been dying to try them out myself. So the other day I went and got 2 shades, a lilac colour called 'Prickly Pear' and a deep purple called 'Plum'.

I love painted nails, but I hate painting them. I get so impatient waiting for them to dry and always manage to mess them up, so a fast drying nail polish is key for me. The Barry M nail polishes say they provide 'an extra glossy finish in just one coat' and it did just that. I hate having to do lots of coats to get a nice bright colour so I love getting one coat polishes, and these worked pretty well, even the lighter colour, which I was super pleased about.

Overall I thought these were great; they are vibrant, fast drying and only really need one coat, and I plan to buy a couple more in the future as they have loads of really pretty colours. I really recommend them and they're quite cheap at only £3.99. The only problem I have is that it's already started chipping a bit after one day, so I may need to touch them up, which is a bit of a pain. But then again, I did only do one coat.

Bye for now,
Lilia x

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  1. lilac is my absolute favorite nail polish color. I might have to try this nail polish out!